Domesticated Female

Birth, Entrapment, and Freedom

Title: Balance

Medium: Video

DS90 HD Nikon camera

6.47 minutes

I created this video as I was exploring the different parts of myself. In Iran, women are often treated as if they are borderless. I now live in Canada where my borders as a woman and as a human being are respected. In Balance, I am showing you the journey of my survival in Iran. I have used my traditional clothing “the hijab” to show my movement from living in a world with no borders to living in a world with healthy borders.



Medium: Installation

Instruction: Plywood, wood bed, sheets, projector, computer, prison bars, plastic rat, plastic cockroach, tray, plate, glass, leftover food, blue lamp, foam board and wires. Sculpture: bamboo sticks, newspapers, wrapping tape, clothing.

TheCUBE is the symbol for religions that punish the unruly; It is also the prison of her mind filled with religious beliefs.


Multiple Self Portrait

Medium: Digital Photography

Size: 15” x 48”

In these double self-portrait series, I have tried to show the two sides of me that I had to develop in order to survive during those years living in Iran.


Birth, Entrapment, and Freedom

Medium: Sculpture

Acrylic, Mustard seeds, Fimo clay, tracing paper, invisible threads.

Size: 10” X 10” X 30”

I am inspired by the notion of transformation. Like these sculptures, living inside the box and then moving to Canada have given me a chance to transform myself through art.


Medium: Photography

Size: 10” X 30”

In this picture, I would like to simulate the feeling of being inside of a coffin. The viewer looks up and sees disturbed faces looking down.


Domesticated female - Turkey

Medium: Clay Sculpture

Size: 7” x 3” x 10”

Domesticated female is a series of 4 sculptures. Thy are part domesticated animal and part human. 

Domesticated female - Cattle

Medium: Clay Sculpture

Size: 7” x 5” x 15”


Domesticated female - Pig

Medium: Clay Sculpture

Size: 7” x 5” x 16”


Domesticated female - Beast

Medium: Clay Sculpture

Size: 6” x 7” x 19”

Multiple Self Portrait II

Multiple Self Portrait III